Western Kansas Directors

Board of Directors:

  • Ron Maifeld, Chairman
  • Sam Crouse, Vice Chairman
  • Kyle Kennedy, Director
  • Beau Larson, Director
  • Chad Hendricks, Director
  • David Sexson, Director
  • Michael Sieck, Director
  • Mitch Gillespie, Director
  • Tony Horinek, Director
  • Mark Wood, Outside Director

Nine members of the Board of Directors of Farm Credit of Western Kansas, ACA are elected by the shareholders. Each of these nine members are also shareholders of the Association. The Outside Director is appointed by the elected Board and may not be a shareholder of the Association. All Directors serve for a 3 year term and there is no limit on the number of terms that may be served if reelected by the shareholders.

Audit committee:

  • Mark Wood, Chairman
  • Mitch Gillespie, Vice Chariman
  • David Sexson, Director
  • Sam Crouse, Director

The Audit Committee consists of the Outside Director and three members of the Board of Directors who are appointed annually. The Audit Committee Charter (PDF) defines the role of the Audit Committee. Shareholders and other interested parties may privately contact the Audit Committee by mailing a letter addressed as follows:

Attention: Mark Wood
Audit Committee Chairman
Farm Credit of Western Kansas, ACA
PO Box 667
Colby, Kansas 67701

Other Information:

A Standards of Conduct Policy has been approved by the Board of Directors. Directors and employees sign an annual acknowledgement in which they agree to abide by these standards of conduct. As a supplement to these standards of conduct, the Board agrees to a Director's Code of Ethics and Senior Management agrees to an Officer's Code of Ethics to further define responsibilities as they relate to complete and accurate financial reporting.

The Board has adopted a Whistleblower Program for receiving and handling issues including but not limited to employment practices, workplace conditions, accounting, financial reporting, internal controls, auditing matters or fraud. It provides for the confidential, anonymous submission without retaliation, by Association employees, vendors or others of such issues or concerns.